Your Virtual Assistant that will make it happen for you.

You set out on a journey to start your own business, what an achievement!

You should have the time to nurture your business, take control of your personal and professional time and design the lifestyle you want to live.

This is where I come in!

My Solutions


Any successful business should have systems and processes in place to ensure organisation; let me assist you with the process.


Growing and marketing your business is a full-time job. I can support you with the entire process of truly reaching your audience.

Time Saving

Handling back-end processes and general admin takes up a lot of valuable time. I partner with you to rectify this.


Step away and take time from your business when you need to, knowing that you have a competent Virtual Assistant managing this.


Catapult your productivity by letting me manage your emails , meetings schedule and to-do list management.


Hiring a professional Virtual Assistant can only mean success. You have more time to focus on the growth and strategy with me on your team.

Find out how easy it is to delegate to a Virtual Assistant


Your Executive Virtual Assistant

A polished and proficient Executive Virtual Assistant, consummately supporting the owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs, new ventures, business consultants and so much more. By providing high quality and comprehensive administrative/event/business/personal support for over ten years, to facilitate the flawless delivery of each task and becoming a part of your team, to make your life easier, profoundly organised and ensuring the success of your business.

Don't take my word for it...

Salma Begum worked as my Personal Assistant at LDC when I was Managing Director from October 2014 to July 2015.

During that time she provided an exemplary level of support to me alongside others that she supported in my team. I found her professional approach to be first rate. Her diligent nature meant that I could rely on her completely to manage my appointments and travel arrangements. This was aided by her excellent communication skills. She also supported me in producing reports which were always clear and concise. I found her to be trustworthy and reliable. 

Tim Farazmand
Managing Director

Salma is a very warm and polite individual. Salma makes an excellent colleague, a true team player as well as someone who is competent and intuitive to  get tasks done on her own. Salma is a very mindful and responsible person who is not afraid of hard work. She is a motivated and dedicated individual and so always contributes her ideas enthusiastically and thoroughly gets involved with problem- solving.

There is no doubt that Salma is at the upper echelons of communication and this has been displayed on many occasions whilst liaising with colleagues of different humour and background. It is with these qualities that Salma can apply herself in any given challenge and produce positive results.

Salma's personable nature and her interaction with colleagues makes her of a very approachable calibre.

Salma's career as a Personal Assistant requires her to be tenacious and deadline driven. This enables her to be a very determined individual with an aim to thrive on every challenge that crosses her path. She has always been a very organised person and deals with all queries in the calmest manner possible. She has the ability to work under pressure , yet ensure accuracy is transparent in all her work. 

Salma holds a highly positive manner in her approach to work, ensuring professionalism at all times. Her adaptable nature allows her to display patience and resilience in all her tasks. 

Rohit Saxena
Director - Corporate

I have known Salma for quite some time now and have always seen a huge potential and quality in her that is unmatched in terms of tenacity and drive. I train and coach woman internationally to set up their own Virtual Assistance businesses and it certainly takes a quality individual in order to run an online business, provide a quality service to clients and exceed expectations and I have found Salma to be this exact person. Throughout the coaching she has displayed a high-level of output and an absolute excellence about everything that she does. I know that any client she completes work for will be absolutely blown away at the level at which Salma operates and I can guaranteed that she will be an absolute gem to have her work alongside you in your business venture.

Melissa Nicholson
Virtual Assistant Coach