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About Me

Your Executive Virtual Assistant

"My Mission: To partner with you on your entrepreneurial journey, and ensure that you get to live the lifestyle you want to lead, whilst I take care of your admin. " - Salma Begum

A polished and proficient Executive Virtual Assistant, consummately supporting the owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs, new ventures, business consultants and so much more. By providing high quality and comprehensive administrative/event/business/personal support for over ten years, to facilitate the flawless delivery of each task and becoming a part of your team, to make your life easier, profoundly organised and ensuring the success of your business.

My love for organisation and executive assistance is what sparked my passion for starting my Virtual Assistance business. I thrive on putting processes and systems into place, to ensure that businesses are set and ready for success and growth. 

I am excited to assist you with your business and really look forward to walking this rewardable journey with you.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant for your Business

  • Gain back time to do what you love, both personally and professionally.
  • Go ahead and design the lifestyle you deserve, knowing that you have someone competent to help run your business.
  • Save money for your business, because you will only be paying a Virtual Assistant for what they charge and nothing more.
  • Skip the expensive and tedious process of recruiting and hiring an in-house Executive Assistant
  • Take more holidays while you leave your business in the hands of someone capable who can help run it for you.
  • Get your business more organised, streamlined and ready for growth.