Esteemed Assist


You and I will have an initial telephonic discussion, where we will ascertain that I am definitely a match for you and your business. Thereafter, I will send you my documentation to sign (this is not a complex process, but necessary documentation to secure my services). After payment is made, we will proceed with a training session, where you can take me through your business history, background and requirements.

My packages are simple and easy to select dependant on your business needs. There are five packages to choose from (my retainer packages can be viewed here). No matter which package you select whether it be the 20, 40, 60, 80 or 160 hour per month package. I will complete any tasks you provide to me (within my service offering) for the amount of hours you have selected per month. Should you feel that the selected package hours are too low for the tasks you require assistance with we can set up a call where I can advise on selecting a higher retainer package.

Please note that it is the clients responsibility to ensure that tasks are provided to me, in order for your paid hours to be completely utilised. Any retainer hours that are left over do not carry over into the new month.

Here at Esteemed Assist, I pride myself in an extremely professional and personal client experience, with each and every one of my clients. You can rest assured that I will be the one assisting you with all your tasks.

I am based in the United Kingdom and perform all my client work virtually from my own remote location. My business is run using technology and online systems to manage all your tasks.

Please note that due to the fact that I manage multiple client work at once, I only work remotely and do not come into the office to perform tasks. However for all our meetings and discussions, we are able to use Skype or for these calls.

I use time tracking software that accounts for every minute I spend on tasks that I perform for my clients. I can assure you that my time is meticulously managed, so you never need to worry about how your hours are managed.

All client work is of extreme importance to me and therefore I always strive to return completed tasks to you within a 24 hour turnaround, however, please note that this would depend on the complexity and the size of tasks you require to be completed.

Please note that any holiday that I will be taking, will be communicated to you well in advance, so that you know when I will be away. I will ensure that I complete any tasks that require my attention either prior to me going on holiday or on my return.

I will invoice you by the 1st of each new month and do require payment in advance for the work that I do for you. Please note that I will send you an invoice with all the payment details on for each specific month.

For any other questions that were not answered in my FAQ’s above, please feel free to schedule a free call with me so I can answer your questions for you.