How to Become Organised When You Feel Overwhelmed

Owning and running a business simultaneously is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. As you start growing and becoming more successful, the amount of work increases, which in turn means the administrative portion of your business will naturally increase. But how do you remain calm and organised when the pressure is on? Read on to find out.

Learn when it’s time to delegate

Managing everything on your own, will most likely result in burnout and a feeling of panic when it comes to the overwhelm you may feel when there is chaos ensuing around you. Perhaps it’s time to sit down and answer these questions:

  • Do you often feel like you are out of control in your business?
  • Do you run over with some meetings, in turn running late for others?
  • Do you struggle to keep control of your email inbox?
  • Is your to-do list management non-existent, due to the fact that every task has become urgent because you are struggling to complete them?
  • Is your social media non-existent because you just cannot get to that side of marketing your business?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to make a decision to start delegating or outsourcing the administrative and process side of your business. But who can you trust enough to delegate your tasks to? This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in and can literally solve this problem for your business.

What is a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is someone who most likely has an Executive Assistant background, coupled with many years of administrative experience. She works remotely and completely online, utilising technology and various online systems to assist busy entrepreneurs and small business owners.

How a Virtual Assistant can help you gain control in your business

A Virtual Assistant’s function is to partner with you in your business and completely take over the entire administrative and process function. Here are just a few of the functions she can manage on your behalf:

  • Take control of your calendar
  • Arrange all of your meetings and conference calls
  • Liaise with your clients on your behalf
  • Document management and control
  • Set up and management of your social media accounts
  • Overseeing of all your business administration
  • Manage and prompt you to urgent to-do list items
  • Assist you with personal tasks, such as anniversary reminders, online purchases etc.
  • To gain more time and organisation that you have never had before

The list is truly endless of how a Virtual assistant can take the overwhelm out of your daily task management. The additional benefit of utilising the services of a Virtual Assistant is that your costs are cut right down in terms of what you need to pay your Virtual Assistant, as she manages all of her own business expenses, therefore you really only pay for the work and hours she completes for you and nothing more. 

If you are ready to get organised and take the pressure off yourself in your business and personal life, perhaps it is time for you to look deeper into how a Virtual Assistant can change your life. If you would like to have a chat about how to get started, you are welcome to book a call with me, by clicking on the “Book a Call” button below. I look forward to hearing more about your business and how I could potentially partner with you on this exciting journey.