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How to Turn Your Small Business Into a Productivity Machine


Successful businesses should be constantly evolving and changing towards being better than it was the day before, month before and year before. The only way to reach this point is to ensure that your business productivity levels are as high as possible. But how do you do that when you have so many tasks to complete and many deadlines to meet? Read on to discover how.

The only way to ensure complete productivity in your business and to make sure all aspects of your business are running smoothly is to outsource certain responsibilities to someone who can take them all on for you, which will ensure your business is running smoothly, while you are still making sure that your business is still growing and thriving. The best way to do this, is to outsource these functions to a Virtual Assistant. Let me explain why. A Virtual Assistant is basically your Executive Assistant, just based remotely at their own location. Virtual Assistant’s can provide full Personal Assistant functions for you, but at a percentage of the cost. Here are some ways a Virtual Assistant can catapult productivity in your business.

1) Email Management

Attending to urgent emails in your business is key to keep the flow of communication between your business and your clientele. Unfortunately most of the time due to other pressing matters you may have going on, you cannot reply right away, not to mention you may only be able to reply days later, which does not look good to people who are awaiting an urgent response. A Virtual Assistant can completely manage your inbox, sift through your daily emails and provide you with a summary of items that are urgent and require your immediate attention. She can sift through SPAM and ensure unnecessary emails are deleted from your inbox, creating space and less emails for you to waste time sifting through.

2) Calendar Management

Depending on your personal preference, you could ask your Virtual Assistant to set up meetings and conference calls for you, or entrust your entire calendar to her. Your Virtual Assistant can manage your meeting times, personal responsibilities and basically keep your entire schedule managed, ensuring that you are never late or running over for meetings.

3) Client Liaison

Your clients are key to your business and therefore they should be treated like gold to keep ensuring growth and the success of your business. Checking in on your clients and following up to make sure that they are satisfied with the product or service that you have provided is mandatory to ensure that clients return for your product or service. This is a big job, especially when you could be focusing on other important areas of your business.  A Virtual Assistant can keep a list of your clients and do weekly follow-ups with them and filtering feedback through to you. It is an absolute win-win situation. Your clients feel appreciated, your business will soar with the great customer service that is provided to them and you get to gain more time to focus on your business.

4) To-do list Tracking and Management

One thing that Virtual Assistants are very good at and extremely experienced in is managing complex to-do lists with ease. Your Virtual Assistant can have a daily call with you, where you could break down what urgent items need to be taken care of for the day. She could prompt and remind you of certain tasks for you to action and most of the time she could take on some of the tasks on your behalf. Tracking your to-do list on a to-do list management platform will ensure that you get things done promptly and on-time. Your Virtual Assistant  is key to assisting you to do this.

5) Personal Tasks

Let’s face it, many people think that business and personal life are two separate entities, but the truth is, you as the business owner are what makes the business a success. There are various aspects of your personal life that filter into your business life. A Virtual Assistant can take care of various personal tasks that need handling. A Virtual Assistant can organise your household (virtually), remind you of anniversaries and important personal dates. A Virtual Assistant can arrange purchasing and gift deliveries, book restaurants, gym sessions, concerts or pretty much any personal task you need help with. Letting a Virtual Assistant manage these personal tasks for you, will ensure that you enjoy a rich and healthy work life balance.

6) Conclusion

Notably a Virtual Assistant is key to the productivity of your business. To view more ways that a Virtual Assistant can assist you in your business, visit my solutions page here.